Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Very easy D.I.Y. ideas (3)

To the 'D.I.Y. ideas" part of my blog, I' m trying to have very very easy ideas so that everyone to be able to do them with things we all have at home and to be no need to buy something.

Today I think I have one of the easiest ideas!

I always experiment with various materials and techniques. Sometimes I find something new accidentally and that' s the case.

All you need is toilet paper rolls (never throw them away - you can do so many things with them), a big bowl with water and a stapler.

You soak the toilet paper rolls in the water for a few minutes until you see them to separate in two pieces each.

Then you have two pieces with the shape you see below and with a slightly difference in the colour.

You will see a little bit of the glue on them  that you can gently rub  away  with your fingertips under the water.
You let them dry on a towel or kitchen paper.

Even when they dry you can think ideas to use them.

Below you can see some of the ideas I had.

You fold each piece in the middle, you put them together, one inside the other, as you can see in the photo and you staple them.

Then you staple the two ends together.

You can add a marmelade jar in the middle with a tea candle (don' t use low jars for safety reasons) and you have a nice centerpiece fo your table.

If you have time for something more you can paint the pieces with water colours, as I did.

You can also make with them decoration for a kid's party and of course use more pieces to make bigger circles and use them as hats for the party.

We have the same results with the kitchen paper rolls too. In this case we have three pieces and they are much longer.

I had the idea to make a sign with them because they look like wood.

I glued two of them on a cardboard, I decoupaged some motifs, stenciled the letters and that's it.

I hope that you liked it.
See you! 

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