Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The " electrical power board"

Many times there is something in our houses that doesn't look nice or doesn' t fit with the rest of the decoration and most of the times we don't know what to do with it.
Especially in the old houses or appartments I think this is usual.

I had to solve such a problem with an old "electrical power board" (I hope the name is right), which  was facing a living room.

So I thought it would be nice to make it look like a painting. Actually, I was about to paint it.

So, first I painted the frame with a gold paint in order to look like a real one.
Then I glued to the door (which looked outside so awful as you can see it from inside) a piece of painting canvas and I steped back waiting for the inspiration!!!
It shouldn't be a failure because then it would be difficult to unglue the canvas.

The time was passing, the inspiration wasn' t  coming and the board was a blank canvas with a gold frame for a long time!

At that point the "decoupage technique" seemed to be the easiest and fastest solution.

So, I used it, although I always prefer to paint something of my own.

Anyway, I fool myself by saying that I painted the background and then I aged the picture.

Now, this is what you can see from the living room. What do you think?

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