Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Salt dough

Although the weather is crazy and the past few days the temperature was again around 30C, the fruits I find now to the grocery are apples, pears, pomegranates, quinces, the last grapes of the season, chestnuts ... Wonderful autumn fruits!
They gave me an idea.

I had seen  many times in the internet the recipe for a dough. A salt dough that you can make beautiful things out of it.
I decided to try it and I'm telling you I had great fun. I played like a child.
I made little and bigger things because I wanted to experiment and see the results.

As in the past I had tried to use polymer clay and I had reactions from my family that maybe it is not safe to bake it in the kitchen oven, in this case the only complain was that it was smelling like baking cookies but it wasn't! (ha, ha).

You don't have to search. I' m giving you the recipe here.

The ingridients you need are:

1cup salt
1 cup water
2 cups flour

You mix all the ingredients in a ball until you have a smooth dough. (I used flour that had expired, instead of throw it away). You don' t need a mixer, it's very easy even with your hands. (Try to add food color also, if you want).

You roll the dough on baking paper to be thin and you cut out circles or any other shapes, with cookie cutter.
You can stamp them with anything you can think.
If you want to hung your creations, make a hole with a straw.

To dry, you bake to the oven at 250 F for 3 hours (I baked them at 110 C for 3 hours but as I found out later it was not enough for my big things). 

When they are dry, you can paint them with watercolors, alcohol inks etc.

I made everything in the picture below - even the candle holders - with the salt dough.

Try it. Play and have fun!

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