Saturday, November 9, 2013

Very easy D.I.Y. ideas (4)

No, it's not a laundry day. It' s another very easy D.I.Y. idea.
This time I was inspired from the plastic "sponges" we use for our bath.
(The used ones look better).

I imagined them as a nice decoration for a little princess' s room.

All you need are the "sponges", your imagination and anything you can find at home.
I found some colored crystals, ribbons, nylon fishing line, glitter glue and sugar wire.

You don' t even need any instructions. The "sponges" have a string in the middle.
You just attach everything from that. You add the nylon fishing line to the opposite side and you hung them.

Of course if you have beads, pearls.... you can stitch them on the "sponges" and decorate them further. Otherwise you can use the glitter glue.

Another idea I had was to loose a "sponge" thoroughly.
Then I painted a very simple figure of a ballerina on paper rolls, from kitchen aluminium foil.
I made also two little bows from ribbon for their hair.

I cut the loosen "sponge" in two parts and with a safety pin a passed through each one the ribbon. I tied them around the ballerinas making a bow in the back.

I glued the bows to the hair and ready!

You can also make two little holes at the top of the roll next to the hands of ballerinas, pass through nylon fishing line or ribbon and hung them.

You can go further the ballerina theme by making little busts (if you can sew you can make fabric ones).
I used a kind of plastic (it was used to protect a mobile phone in it' s box) which I cut in the shape of  busts (to one of them I glued a piece of lace) and decorated them with the glitter glue. (You can use cardboard instead).

Then I cut the ribbons for hunging the busts and made a few stitches to keep them in place.
With a few stitches I keep also the busts to the "sponges".
Finally I added a bow in front and hung them in a hunger.

I hope that your little girls will like it.

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marjolijn said...

How creative!!!!