Friday, December 6, 2013

Very easy D.I.Y. ideas (5)

"The Christmas city"

Once upon a time, as we've said before, there was a little girl named Chara.

One night when she felt asleep, she had a dream about a snowed Christmas city!
The next day she found to the garbage a kind of cardboard that is used to protect appliances in their packing.

At first it seemed to her eyes as those African clay houses but no, it was Christmas time. This was perfect to make her Christmas city.

So, she used her colors and some glitter to paint it. She also opened a few holes for the windows and some extra holes for the little lights.

She turned on the lights and the magical snowed Christmas city was not a dream anymore!

The city gave such a Christmas feeling to the house! And so then, they all lived happily ever after!


ΕΛΕΝΗ said...

Όμορφο...υπέροχο... αριστούργημα. Αυτοί μόνο μπορούν να είναι οι χαρακτηρισμοί σε μιά ανακυκλώσιμη δημιουργία που έφτιαξες. Χίλια μπράβο Χαρά!!!

giasmin said...