Monday, January 20, 2014


How many songs come to your mind when you say the word "rain"? Many, for sure!

Rain is always a blessing, unless we people with our wrong behaviour to the environment, turn it, many times, into something very catastrophic.

I hate myself when I complain because it is raining and if  I go out, I'll step on mud (the road outside my house is not paved with asphalt). It's so stupid!

We have everything to protect ourselves from rain (umbrellas, raincoats, galoshes...) and if not, who cares!

But we need a place to keep the umbrellas, don't you think?

Some time ago I painted a bucket similar to the ones above and gave it as a present for the opening of a friend's new shop.
I feel nice every time I see it at the entrance and the customers use it for their umbrellas.

Lately I had two more orders. So I made the buckets you see below. Of course they are made to fit to the decoration of their new homes.

"Rain drops are falling on my,la,la...."

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ΕΛΕΝΗ said...

Ωραιότατες οι ομπρελοθήκες σου!!!