Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The sky ceiling (D.I.Y.)

In my last August's post titled "Windsurfing", I had promised to show you how I did the sky ceiling.

Since I don't have a wall or ceiling available, I'll try it on a piece of wooden board (although the result is not so good).

If your wall or ceiling is not painted before, you have to cover it with a primer first. Then you paint it with, at least, two coats of white water based paint.

What I did then, was to draw the figure of a bird on hard paper and cut it.

I used some adhesive puty to stick the bird on the board (wall or ceiling)

And now the trick: It's the kind of roller I used and the paint. You choose the color you like and  you ask to the store to prepare it for paint effects. The mixing system they make gives you the time to work with the color because it doesn't dry easily.

You take some paint to your roller (not much, I repeat not much) and you work it on the surface at irregular directions. Without taking any color you work it again and again. The more, the better it gets.

When I was doing the ceiling, I was working every square meter until I had the desired result and then I was going further because otherwise the result was not so good. Don't worry, it blends very well.

Then we take off the paper bird and it's ready.

Try it and let me know about your results.

You can see below another sky ceiling I did. This time I didn't use the above tecnique.
I painted it like a real paint. Too much work! Pheeewww...

P.S. Please forgive me but I need some extra time for the next post. See you!


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