Friday, January 10, 2014

Winter! Very easy D.I.Y. idea (6)

Hello, hello my friends and Happy New Year!!!

Did you have a good time? Do you have new creative plans for this year?

We are already in the middle of winter and I hadn't mentioned this season till now.

So, my first post for this year has a winter theme and it's also a very easy D.I.Y. idea which I know that you like.

As we are people who recycle almost everything (I hope so!), what if we do something with things we used during the past festive days and some of them are to be thrown away?

For example the cups from the tea candles and the fairy lights (no, I don't throw the fairy lights).

Here are some things I also used:
- A plastic bottle from demineralised water
- Liquid glass (resin)
- Little blue glasses, beads or other metallic decorative ornaments (whatever you have)
- String or ribbon
- A kitchen grater

We are going to make pendants with the cups and as it is a new year and is a custom in Greece this time of year to give with the presents a blue eye to keep the "bad eye" away (for those who are superstitious), I thought that this, somehow, has to be the theme of the pendants. 

Although I used liquid glass, don't be afraid, it's not difficult. You follow the instructions on the bottles (basically you have to mix very well equal quantities of the two bottles). 

First I painted the cups with white color outside and black inside and varnished the outside.

With a needle I passed through the cup the ribbon and made a knot. I did the same on the opposite side. (Be careful not to make a big hole and keep the knot close to it, otherwise the resin will come out).

Then with the kitchen grater, I grated the remaining candle to look like snow.
I filled the cup with the "snow" (not all of it) and added a blue piece of glass (you can use anything you like and have).

Then I filled it with the resin (liquid glass) and left it to dry well.

I finished the pendant with a sparkling bead.

For the bottle, first I made a hole at one of the sides so that I can put in the fairy lights.

I painted a winter theme outside and now it' s a light for a kid's room. (You can decoupage a picture if you can't paint)

Hoping that you liked this first post of the year, you know that I always appreciate your comments.
See you!

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