Friday, February 28, 2014

Kites - Very easy D.I.Y. ideas (7)

This is the last weekend of the Carnival. And then comes the only Monday we all like!!!
Except the "special" tasty food for this "special" Monday, it' s also the day of the kites.
Are you going to fly a kite?

What you see in the pictures below, is a very easy idea that you can do your own way. I just used kites as my theme.

The things that you need are:
- A painting canvas in any size you like
- Little magnets

I painted a sky on my canvas but you can choose something else - like a landscape or a sea for example - or you can glue a picture on the canvas.

Then leave your imagination free and make little things ( like birds, batterflies ......) from paper or anything else you can think (it has to be something light).

Then glue a little magnet on the back of it (I used hot glue - but the double side tape is also fine, because if you don't like it anymore you can easily use the magnet again to something else).

Put it on your picture by using a second magnet on the back of the canvas and it's ready!

Hoping that the weather will be perfect for flying the kites, I'll see you again with ..... "Spring"!!!

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