Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Frosted .... plastic - Very easy D.I.Y. ideas (8)

Hello friends,

I wanted so much to share this post with you. I found something accidentaly. It is one of these "happy accidents", as I say.
Maybe someone else has already done it, but I don't know it. So, it doesn't count (ha, ha).

I was trying to remove a label from a plastic box of chocolates, (like the ones you see above), with nail polish remover and it was a disaster. The plastic got frosted.

And then I was excited! That's it. I'm gonna draw on the plastic with the remover to look like frosted glass.

I have to emphasize here that the remover DOESN'T AFFECT ALL THE PLASTICS. You have to experiment a little bit. But it does a great job with these chocolate boxes.

First I used plastic stencils and ear cotton buds to draw with the nail polish remover. No, it doesn't work. The remover spills under the stencil although I was pressing it in place.

Then I tried the stencils with a No 000 painter's brush. No, I had the same problem again.
So, I decided that the solution is: free painting with the brush.

If you are not good in that, you can use the stencil from the inside of the box to help you paint the shape from the outside.
Another option is to print or make the sketch of a shape, on a piece of paper and use it as the stencil.

The only things that you need are:

- Plastic boxes
- Nail polish remover (the one I used was acetone free)
- A little cup to pour in the remover
- A painter's brush No 000


Pour some nail polish remover in a cup.
Take very little to your brush and just draw.

Below you can see the two boxes I made. What do you think?

See you soon!

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