Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter! - Very easy D.I.Y. ideas (9)

In a few days we have Easter and this is a very very easy, last minute's idea, for decoration.

If you have colored plastic bottles - (the ones you see below are from a clothes' softener) - you can use them. Otherwise you can use just transparate plastic bottles from mineral water.

The crepe paper is an option but you can use ribbons instead or any other paper.

On a piece of paper you draw the shape of the bottles and then inside that, the shape of a bunny's  ears.

Cut the top of the bottles (you start with a knife and you finish with the scissors).
Then cut the paper bunny's ears and stick them at the front of the bottles with a tape.
Draw the shape on the bottles with a marker.

Then, cut first the back and the sides of the bottles so to have half of them and then the shape of the ears. Maybe you will need to ease the edges with a smaller scissors.

You make bows using the crepe paper and you glue them to the front.

I prefer this minimal look but if you want, you can paint or use the scrapbooking teqnique to give more details of the bunny.

                                                                  H A P P Y     E A S T E R      to all of you!!!

 P.S. This post was to be published a week ago but I had a serious problem with the blog.
         I' m really sorry.

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